Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shumaila Rana MPA, Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Bank Fraud,

Shumaila Rana MPA, Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Bank Fraud,

Read this news in Daily jang. dated:30th June 2009


Chief Justice should take action against the banks, who mentally tortured the people, kidnap them and threat to kill them.
Police take no action against them because they are also invlove with banks and they job (part time) in banks. and banks hire police for recovery purpose. if police safe the culprits then who will provide justice to the people.only vehicel is not solution for police to change. change their behaviour.this is request.
Ms. Shumaila Rana
Current Posts Member: Religious Affairs and Auqaf
Academic Qualifications MA
Party Affiliation Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
Father's/Husband's Name Hidayat Ali
Marital Status Un-Married
Place of Birth Lahore
Religion Islam

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ameen protests in Islamabad press club against Bank Alfalah official

Muhammad Ameen, resident of Cheecha Wanti has protested in front of Islamabad Press Club last day to register his complaint against the Bank Manager of Alfalah Bank.

According to daily Jinnah report, he has leased Suzuki Liana Model 2006 Car from Bank Alfalah some time back, unfortunately his car was stolen by unknown robbers after nine months of lease. He had registered First Investigation Report in nearby Police Station after that.

The news clip is attached for more information:


According to Muhammad Ameen, Branch Manager of the bank got Rs. 5 Lac as Insurance claim and deposited amount in the bank. Ameen has also paid Rs. 3 Lac to the bank in three years.

He further said that, bank still ask for installments and police arrest him every month on bank official request.

Bank Manager Imran Afzal has clarified that bank has put their effort to get full insurance claim but EFU Insurance Company has paid us only Rs. 5 Lac as claim. On the other hand car lease recovery always done by main branch and they assign recovery team for clearance.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

bank alfalah victims.

Bank Alfalah Recovery
Chief Justice should take action against bank Alfalah.
Bank Alfalah Recovery threat people. kidnaping the people, torture the people and by force they auto debit amount from credit card's holder bank account.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bank Alfalah Credit Card Staff Kidnaping the poeple.


Bank Alfalah wale logo ki khilaf chief justic ko action lena chahiye. aur Zime dar logo k khilaf action lena chahiey.

Bank Al Falah credit card | A great trap for Middle class Pakistanis

I have seen a lot of stuff already exist on forums which has been posted from the people who had bad infact worst experience with Bank Al falah credit cards.

I don’t want to put the whole story about my bad experience but the crunch of it how cleverly they play games with the consumers.

After having more than Rs. 39,000 due bill of my Bank Al falah credit card, I called their call center and asked if they have put any interset till now and let me know the current dues, and they replied its 39,580 , which I paid the same day, and had a deep breath. But it was not the end, Next month they send me a bill with Rs.72 ,and asking with their call center, they told me that its just our system which maintains the record of interest and you don’t need to worry about and it will be removed automatically from our system within 3 months, so I kept quiet……….. The next month added 650 rupees interst and late payment surcharge and the bill became 700+ , and after 4 months it was 4200, and this time I decided to go at their office at Shahra-e-Faisal to clear , why this bill is keep on adding, if I have already paid the bill 4 months ago.

I asked their receptionist to let me talk to the concern person, after a long wait I manage to talk with the person on Telephone extension, and got the same reply that you have no amount to be paid, and its only our system’s process to write-off the dues, I said: Ok, Please give me this statement in written, How can I trust a verbal communication, and this conversation became loud and bitter since he was not willing to give me any written statement nor any kind of proof, He came out and took me in conference room to calm down me, and again after half an hour useless arguments, I decided to find someone who can tell me the truth, and I got to know that they are BIG LIARS , and its a big trap to make the amount bigger as possible, and got advice to pay these outstanding Rs.4200 and additional 300 to cut down the hidden interest which they add on the name of “Next day interest”. and got loss of Rs.4500 but saved myself for upcoming trouble

IMHO, Please stay away from credit cards , No matter you are able to pay the amount you spend, but Somehow you will be in loss and might face a big loss.

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